Thom's Mini-mix & Bobcat Hire

Thom’s Mini-Mix and Bobcat Hire is another business owned and operated by Emerald Quarries and located on site in the Gemfields area. The company was started to provide the nescessary concrete and bobcat needs for the quarry site with two small Hino concrete trucks, a 430 Case bobcat and the UD 5t body truck.

Due to local interest and the readily available concrete in the area, Emerald Quarries started suppling a wide range of products to cater to their needs. Thom’s Mini-Mix supplies concrete, cement, trench mesh, plastic, mesh, chairs, helicopter hire, vibrator hire ect.

The UD 5t truck was purchased for local deliveries and for bobcat transport in the local area. The UD truck has a custom trailer fitted out with all their bobcat attachments. Some attachments are the trencher with a 90mm and 150mm chain, hole borer (150, 250, 350mm hole), forks and street sweeper. The bore can bore a hole up to 2.5m deep with the extension.

For all enquires please contact the Emerald Quarries office staff on (07) 4985 4662.